by Jeremy Bassetti

Hello everyone, this is a short housekeeping update episode.

I wanted to point your attention to a new podcast project I’ve started. It’s called CREATIVE JOURNEYS, and it’s not so dissimilar to Travel Writing World. However, instead of focusing on travel literature, I’ll be talking about creativity more broadly and interviewing different types of creative individuals from historians to photographers to artists and authors. We’ll talk about process and practice and living the creative life.

My first interview is already up, and this one is with Alastair Humphreys. We recorded the conversation back at the beginning of this year but I couldn’t get it out until now and I want to publicly apologize to Alastair for the delay.

I hope everyone will come join us on this new podcast feed. Subscribe here. You should be able to find the podcast in your favorite podcasting app by searching for CREATIVE JOURNEYS. Because the podcast is brand new you might need to also add Jeremy Bassetti to the search query if it doesn’t immediately appear.

Please subscribe to CREATIVE JOURNEYS if the podcast is something that sounds interesting to you.

Thanks for listening!

Last Updated on 7 July 2024 by Travel Writing World

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