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Since the podcast and website began in January 2019, it has featured some of the world’s most celebrated travel writers. But we need your help to keep the show going.

Please consider supporting the show with only a few dollars, pounds, or euro a month, less than a cup of coffee. Your support helps pay for the show’s expenses, like server and publishing costs, and for my time in producing episodes and managing the website.

There are several ways to support Travel Writing World.

Artifact International (Patreon)

The best way to support Travel Writing World is to join ARTIFACT INTERNATIONAL on Patreon. There you will get links for coupon codes, downloads, and more!


Alternatively, you can support Travel Writing World with a recurring donation via PayPal (cancel anytime). However, because PayPal lacks supporter management, I cannot offer the same benefits through PayPal as I do with Patreon. If you’re okay with that, here are the options.

Thank you!

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