Tim Leffel on Travel Writing, Blogging, and the World’s Cheapest Destinations

by Jeremy Bassetti
Tim Leffel Interview

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Tim Leffel

In today’s episode, I speak with Tim Leffel about the state of travel writing today, how travel writing has changed over the last few decades, and traveling to the world’s cheapest travel destinations. In fact, Tim has recently published a new edition of his book, the World’s Cheapest Destinations: 26 Countries Where Your Travel Money is Worth a Fortune (Al Centro Media, 2019). The new edition includes updated costs of the world’s most popular and inexpensive travel destinations.

Over the last two decades, Tim has written for major travel publications like MSNBC.com, Budget Travel, and International Living to name a few. He also manages several popular blogs (linked below). He has published several other travel books, including Travel Writing 2.0, one of the most- popular guides about the craft and business of travel writing.

In the first half of the conversation, Tim and I speak about his career and how he got started in travel writing. We also talk about the state of travel writing today, blogging, and a bit about ethical travel.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Tim. Please send me an email, leave a comment, or reach out on social media and let me know what you think. Farewell!

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