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Travel Writing Resources

Beginning and advanced travel writers have it good these days with the abundance of online resources. In fact, they can use the wide variety of online resources to help them not only develop their craft, but pitch articles, get assignments, and connect with others in the field. You will find the web’s best travel writing resources below.

As you can imagine, it is difficult to keep lists of this nature updated. So, if you find a dead link, or know of an online resource that should be included on this list, please reach out to us or leave a comment below.

General Travel Writing Websites

There are a number of great travel writing websites that publish articles on how to be a better travel writer, how to pitch editors, and how to cultivate the right mindset. Some specialize in interviews with travel writers, offer book reviews, and much more. Here are some of the best travel writing resources.

Travel Writing World – This is the website you’re currently on. It features articles on travel writing news, interviews with travel writers on its award-winning podcast, book reviews, and much more. – Tim Leffel is the editor behind the Travel Writing 2.0 Blog, which publishes articles on travel writing, broadly defined. This is a good place to start. He also teaches a good online course (see below).

Travel Writer’s Exchange – With its wide variety of articles on the topic of travel writing written by diverse voices in the industry, Travel Writer’s Exchange is also a good place to start to learn about the business.

Rolf Potts – Travel Writer Rolf Potts rose to prominence following the success of his well-known book Vagabonding. On his website, he has articles on travel writing and profiles various travel writers. It also has articles that deviate from travel writing, including cinema and cultural commentary.

Great Escape Publishing – This website has lots of free articles on how to become a better travel writer, photographer, and blogger. They also have online courses designed to help you learn more about the industry.

Freelance Travel Writing Websites

These online resources publish articles and offer services that are designed to help freelancers get more paid work or help with advice specific to freelance writing. Some post calls for submissions, leads, etc.

Pitch Travel Write – Another great resource for beginning travel writers, Roy’s website has great information to help freelancers churn out assignments.

Pitchwhiz – This website is all about helping freelance writers connect with editors seeking submissions. You can see articles sought after by editors and even send them pitches through the platform. It is good practice to check once a week to see what editors are looking for.

Travel Magazine Database – The title says it all. This premium service (read: costs money) breaks down the various departments and sections of popular magazines and gives you a sense of what editors typically publish. It also includes the names and email addresses of magazine editors.

Matador Creators Community – This resource is not as active as Pitchwhiz, but it includes various calls for submissions (in particular for the Matador Network).

Online Courses

There are a number of online courses that will help beginners learn more about the travel writing space. To be sure, there are more expensive face-to-face courses that some individuals may prefer, like the ones held in Paris and Santa Fe by Rolf Potts and David Farley respectively, but this is a list of some of the best the self-paced online courses available today.

Travel Writing Overdrive – This self-paced course will teach you about breaking into the space from the perspective of blogging, building authority and presence online, and creating multiple streams of income.

Superstar Blogging – Created by Nomadic Matt, the courses on his site lean heavily towards the world of travel blogging. However, at last check, the site offers another course specifically on travel writing that is taught by David Farley and contains insight about the world of travel writing from the perspective of professional travel journalism.

Conferences & Festivals

We’ve previously written an article that goes into more detail about the various professional travel writing conferences in the United States, but here is a quick list of some of the major players: Stanford’s Travel Writing Festival at Destinations Holiday and Travel Show, TravelCon, TBEX Conference, NATJA Conference, SATW Convention, Book Passage Travel Writer’s Conference, & Vicarious Festival.

Travel Writing Awards

Many of the professional associations hold their own yearly awards competitions. For journalists, the Lowell Thomas Awards and the North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA) Awards are two of the most active competitions in the United States. For travel writers who author books, the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards are among the most prestigious.

Travel Writing Associations

Many travel writing associations exist around the world. Most of them, however, have barriers to entry including membership dues and being able to demonstrate that you are active and a professional. That being said, they all offer their members various perks. Society of American Travel Writers (SATW), North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA), TravMedia, British Guild of Travel Writers (BGTW), The International Travel Writers Alliance, & Travel Writers UK.

University Programs & Academic Journals

Travel writing as a field of academic study is small but strong. Several institutions, primarily in Europe, have centers that specialize in the study of travel writing. The most prominent in the English-speaking world is perhaps the Centre for Travel Writing Studies (Nottingham Trent University), which also is affiliated with the academic journal Studies in Travel Writing. Another English-language journal is Journeys: The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing, which is published twice a year. In the Francophone world, you’ll find the Centre de Recherche sur la Littérature des Voyages, whose faculty and researchers are affiliated with the online journal Astrolabe.

We hope you found value in this list of travel writing resources. If you think we’re overlooking an important resource, please leave us a comment below or send us an email.

Happy writing!

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